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Date: 01/06/05-12:03:39 AM Z
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I tried to keep out of this discussion, but resolve weakens. IMO Keepers
of Light is a wonderful wonderful book, but more as trail blazer and
history than for the processes. It appeared 35 years ago- knowledge (not
least due to this list) has advanced greatly since then. It was a wonder
for its time, but there are mistakes.. Like the dread gum-pigment ratio
test, virus cut and pasted from there into several later books. There's
also a cockamamie cyano toning formula, which Robert Hirsch cut & pasted
and made worse in his 2nd Edition of "Possibilities." Christopher James
may have errors, but if so they're minor compared to just those two. And
James taught those processes for 20 years, which also informs the book.

My recollection of "The New Photography" (somewhere around here) is that
the illustrations are great, but the instructions are sketchy. And (from
memory) little or nothing about gum? Or just on fabric.

Meanwhile, speaking of special old books, I noticed a copy of Disfarmer at
a local used book store for $59, which strikes me as a fairly good price,
for nowadays... (Isn't it?) I can give you the guy's e-mail address.


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