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Date: 01/04/05-11:35:01 AM Z
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I'm still not sure. After visiting your web site and looking at those still
lifes . . . do you make your own paint? Blend terpentine with gum arabic?
Or, do you use tube paint, jar paint . . . or what?
Just asking.
            ok you made me actually THINK about that for a nanosecond, and i
realized that those paintings are a bunch of pastels (no i won't mention
which brand, but i do have a favorite ;o) ), and pastels are, to me at least,
the most elemental LEAST process oriented form of making images. It's like
going back to childhood and "coloring" with little sticks of color. ( only the
little sticks cost a lot more )
contrast that with the reason i am a new member of this list... i am in the
early stages of learning to make photogravures! From what i can tell, maybe
the most process laden way to make images. go figure :o/
susan (
Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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