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I can see the appeal of the Krappy Kamera. Sort of a minimalist exercise
where you strip yourself naked (of gear and technology) and pleasure yourself
by meeting the challenge of creating images that rival those made with all the
 high tech gear for which you have spent every spare dime you had.

noooo way. when i use my Holga, i'm not trying to rival the shot i could
get with my more "sophisticated" cameras. I'm using the Holga to get a
particular "look" to the final image. Similar i guess, to the way i choose a
particular canvas weave, or brush when i'm painting.
I once had a photograph critiqued severely and "brushed aside" because it
was taken with a Holga. The person commenting was of the school of thought
that when a Holga is used, the photographer is just snapping away hoping for a
happy accident to frame. Truth was, the day the photo was taken, i was
shooting(painting) with a full compliment of cameras(brushes). I chose the Holga
very deliberately out of the big pile of cameras i had with me... a Nikon
35mm, a Mamiya 2 1/4, a 4x5 pinhole and a 4x5 view camera. it was a very
conscious aesthetic decision on my part, that the Holga was perfect for that
subject. I didn't want a super crisp, clean image... and i was very happy with the
resulting softer shot.
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Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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