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> From: Christopher Lovenguth
>>I don't see painters saying "I
>> used a #3 round head brush" and measuring with scales exactly what
>> combinations of paint they used to get that color or timing how long
>> they let their canvas dried before applying the next coat.

You don't know any painters!

Steve Shapiro, Carmel, CA & Venice Beach, CA

> If painters *believed* paint X would be superior to Y, and the
> difference could only be seen with the skilled eyes, often with some
> delay between the time of its application and emergence of visual
> difference, they would talk about the paint X all day long.

They do, and into the night.

> I don't know why people generally talk more about equipment, film,
> etc. in front of actual images than what the image expresses. It may
> be that the instancy of brief camera exposure makes some images more
> easily interpretable. It may be that many photographers believe in
> that the particular image can be made only with the equipment used and
> nothing else.

No, on the last part, they do it because it's of interest to them.

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