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> So that's why the "toy" cameras are so useful for some
> people...they're removing as much hardware from the space between
> them and the image as they can so that they can be in a more direct
> contact with the creative process.

I started photography with 35mm SLR and color negative films. I sent
everything to labs and didn't touch anything. Since then my tools
regressed to more primitive ones, and I'm going to the direction of
silver gelatin without Eastman Kodak.

Frankly, I see a general correlation that there is more need for skill
and technicality as the tool becomes primitive. The easiest thing to
deal with was to put a 400 speed color negative film in an midrange
SLR in an auto exposure mode and give the film to a lab. Compact
cameras, Polaroid and digicams are probably technically less demanding
on the users side. But effective use of more primitive tools seems to
demand more technicality. By using a pinhole, I'm sure you have fewer
technical objects between the subject and your image, but I bet you
are utilizing more of your photographic knowledge and skill.

It's just like sharpening pencils in an electric sharpener with
automatic stop is far easier than doing so with a knife.

Ryuji Suzuki
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