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Date: 01/03/05-10:01:05 AM Z
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My Krappy Camera of choice is my 1962 Ansco 620 film plastic box camera with
one shutter speed only God knows for sure. I got it in the 3rd grade and it
still works. Now that's crap! This Holga thing (of which I have one still in
the box) and the rest are relatively high tech in my mind.
As far as the name of the show I'm pretty sure, although it's a guess, Sandy
Carrion, who is one of the founders of SoHo photo, came up with that. I
went to college with her in the late 60's/70s and the show title always
sounded to me like her sense of humor, which is completely innocent.
I think everyone is getting a bit too serious about this. Photography, first
and foremost, is supposed to be fun.
Gerry G
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