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>>> 01/02/05 2:31 PM
Maybe it's just me and my unsophisticated sense of art and the creative
processes, but it seems to me that there are all too many "artists" out
there whose work is completely (or mostly) accidental. Now, that's not
say wonderful things can't come about by accident, but to truly create
something, don't you have to be in control of the process of

Hmmmmmm. How much "control" is enough? Ustabe I was heavily into the
Diana camera (one of my old websites was "Dianarama" which you can still
find archived searching on the internet wayback machine). I learned to
appreciate the unique rendition that camera produced and could
anticipate results with it to some degree, probably moreso than the
razor-sharp images produced by modern lenses. In fact, I would say the
Diana produced images more similar to my failing eyesight of late.

I've since moved on to almost exclusive use of view cameras and balance
use of old diffused-focus Verito lenses with the latest generation
Rodenstock Sironar lenses. I have to give up a lot of control and
precision when using the old lenses and shutters, but I also can achieve
results that would be impossible with the modern lenses and even digital
manipulations. I do have some control and the ability to anticipate
results is still an important factor, but there is a world of difference
in results. You work with what you have.

I'm also kinda fond of my cellular camera phone.

Like my father used to say: "Accidents don't just happen."

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