Réf. : OT: Lost mail about my website

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Date: 01/02/05-01:10:06 PM Z
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If a send of Belgium, it is probably of me
It is my dog, a Bulldog of 3 month", his name is "Diego"
It is my last alt process reseach, It is a "Gum Beer"
Happy New year 2005
Philippe (Belgium)
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Date : Sunday, January 02, 2005 19:21:27
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Sujet : OT: Lost mail about my website
Sorry for offtopic.
I got an e-mail today (with some help to my website) probably from Belgium
and I think the sender is a list member. The e-mail was deleted by a
technical accident before I can read it.
Dear author please resend it. Thanks.
Bálint Flesch.
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