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Suggested link www.galina.no2004
takes me just to one dimension - the-page-cannot-be-displayed dimension.


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> On Fri, 31 Dec 2004, Robert W. Schramm wrote:
> > Developing The Right Frame of Mind
> Speaking of The Right Fame of Mind, let me suggest that all alternative
> photographers, photographers, artists, art lovers and related adventurers,
> toilers, free spirits and kooks widen their horizons & find inspiration,
> not to mention happiness, by one or both of the following:
> If you can make your software obey, visit Galina Manikova's website at
> And/or order Galina's book of the same title -- that's www.galina.no2004
> -- which takes the site into another dimension, strangely, seriously ,
> intensifying it. (Did you include "intensify," Bob?). It's all of 14-1/2
> by 15 centimeters (about 5x6 inches) unpaginated, but about a centimeter
> thick, beautifully printed yet comfortable in the hand, and an intimate
> sense of the actual work.
> As for how to get it, Galina writes:
> .... it can be ordered from me directly by sending an e-mail. It is also
> sold through biggest bookstores here in Norway (like Norli -,
> Tanum -, and Tronsmo -, one should give them
> the ISBN number [82-303-0282-0], when placing an order.... It costs about
> 40$ including postage.
> =============================
> The book also includes a disk which says "Use Flash player version 6.0 and
> Internet Explorer" (whatever that is).
> I'm familiar with Galina's work, having followed it for several years, yet
> still found the range, honesty, discovery and sheer miracles of process
> here remarkable. There's a lot of text throughout, mostly her own eloquent
> reflections on everything, for instance the processes of art and of aging
> (mostly in English -- tho Galina is tri-, quatri, or hexi-lingual).
> But also a couple of critical essays, including one by Lyle Rexer in
> English and Norwegian. Rexer is (IMO) one of the very few
> non-practitioners whose writing on alt is virtually goofless, yet studded
> with genuine insights (you get goofless or insights, rarely both). Among
> his other points is that artists who "genuinely sought to add to
> photography's resonance" with alt media.... recognized that a photograph
> acquires meaning not just from its subject but from its framing, process,
> and deployment....This is the task Manikova has taken up, and she is in
> brilliant company, with Argentina's Graciela Sacco and France's Christian
> Boltanski..."
> True of course, but there's also the awesome full-page photograph of
> Galina's father, bearded general in the uniform of Stalin's army wearing
> his (by my count) 32 medals -- the starting point for her cast aluminum
> frame & photograph titled "Papa 1996." Few artists, however brilliant,
> have one of those in the family.
> Happy Alt Year to all,
> Judy
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