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Date: 02/27/05-10:50:07 PM Z
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Yup; been there, done that. I always "lick n' stick"--wet my finger and see
if it sticks on the side I load into the printer.
It's odd, some of the OHP has the white strip, some don't . Not that the
white strip would prevent loading wrong...but at least you know the edge of
it is on the wrong side.
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Subject: Print Clear Print on right side.

> In the unlikely event there are other retarded photographers on this list
> a word of advice. If you use the Photo Warehouse Clearprint OHP always
> double check and triple check before running it through your Epson 2200.
> Gee Gawd, I printed a negative earlier this evening on the wrong side and
> it took me the better part of two hours to clean the printers from all of
> the dripping green ink. And even after I thought it was clean the next
> negative through had some light banding.
> I imagine that Pictorico would be about as bad if printed on the wrong
> side, but at least with it, and the Epson OHP, you have this nice little
> nick at the upper right corner that serves to orient it correctly in the
> printer.
> Sandy
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