Re: Aquatint Screens.

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Date: 02/27/05-08:29:53 AM Z
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> Sorry, I have been away for a while. I use digi images in the traditional
> photo-etching process which use an aquatint , I print the image with the
> printer's default screen box clicked in the printing software and the
> printing resolution is 720dpi. This is probably unnecessary but the system
> works. There is however one problem. The inclusion of the printing screen
> means that in any future enlargement in another source such as
> photocopier
> to create an even bigger image for the photo-etching process, the dot
> screen pattern is also enlarged . Hellena

Point well taken, Hellena.
That has not been a problem I thought about because I usually have the
original image as is, then I save it in different permutations for printing:
colorized for palladium, bitmapped for solarplate, 300 ppi negative for gum,
etc. That way I can always go back to the original and enlarge in
Photoshop. But I will make sure now not to run the mistake of enlarging my
bitmapped or halftone screened positive.
Thanks for the input,
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