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My Yellow Labrador Retriever Proofread the book :)

Mark Nelson
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> On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > ....  I'm trying to convince him (Mark Nelson) to write a Diginegs for
> > Dummies...
> Chris, I think maybe he can't... At least, my experience in both editing
> the experts and reading (or trying to read) their books (as in the present
> Photoshop Miasma) is that unless they are edited CAREFULLY by a neutral
> party they do NOT NOT NOT realize that they haven't explained -- THEY know
> the material and the terms are second nature to them, so they are sweetly
> unaware that the reader (possibly even a smart and relatively savvy reader
> -- ie, NOT a "dummy") doesn't know what they mean, or have a clue how to
> do the thing they were just told in passing to do.
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