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Date: 02/25/05-05:23:24 PM Z
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On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Bob wrote:

> I've seen these Stouffer Wedge's mentioned on here a few times so I
> thought I'd investigate as I had no idea what they were. They seem like
> a useful accessory, not just for al-process, but also for traditional
> black and white work.
> However, never having seen one of these things before and looking at
> the vast range available at
> which one do you buy...?

Let me suggest the T2115. It's small enough to tuck into the margin next
to a print, large enough to read comfortably, with enough steps for most
purposes our processes will require, and -- at least in my experience
dandy *without* calibration, so it's one of the least expensive, maybe
even the least of all.

Yet, it has something some of the big expensive kinds lack -- the numbers
in small sharp type as part of the density. That is another and
INVALUABLE guide to print quality: How SHARP and clear those numbers
print is a much quicker clearer sign of print and paper character than
trying to read the plain tone alone.


> I'm about to try Cyanotype in hte near future, so any indication on
> which wedge would be useful would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
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> Bob
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