Re: Monitor Calibration and digital negatives

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Date: 02/24/05-11:38:48 AM Z
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I noticed that no-one has answered your question. It had been too long
since I did this on a PC, but was at a friend's yesterday and checked.
The app is where you said (settings>control panel>adobe gamma). You set
the "Contrast to maximum" and then adjust the "Brightness" in the first
or second step (where you are asked to make the inner of 2 stacked
black boxes just visible).

So, you do not leave brightness at maximum, it should be adjusted very
early in the process.

You do leave contrast at maximum. This (I assume) is so the Gamma can
have the full range to "play with" when you ask it to set/adjust the
mid tones (the page that ask you to pick "Mac standard" or "PC

Hope that helps.

On Tuesday, February 22, 2005, at 03:01 AM, Kate Mahoney wrote:

>> If you are on a pc "AND" have Photoshop or Illustrator installed, you
>> also have a small Adobe app called "Gamma" installed on your system.
>> It
>> is very similar to the Mac calibrator. It has been too long since I
>> set
>> up a PC screen, I can't remember where to find this or the setting to
>> use. But, It worked nicely on the PC.
> You should be able to find it in "settings>control panel>adobe gamma
> Maybe I'm dumb, but I find the instructions a bit strange
> are told
> to set the monitor to maximum brightness to do the calibration, but
> nowhere
> does it then tell you to readjust the brightness! Someone enlighten me
> please?
> Kate
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