Re: Halo or Fogging at Edge of Digital Negative

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Date: 02/23/05-11:59:56 AM Z
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The print dryers that Jon Edwards sells (for drying the coated prints,
not for drying final washed prints) work perfectly for drying digital
negs too. His design provides a nice, gentle, even flow of
(thermostatically controlled) warm air across the surface. I just plop
the negs on the fiberglass screens for a couple minutes and the drying is

Jon's web address is

And, no, I don't get a kickback, though I do have the free prototype that
Jon built per my suggestions years ago. ;^)


>I dry Pictorico negatives right after they come out of the printer
>with a hair dryer, placed on hot heat and maximum output. Just put
>the mouth of the dryer about 3-4" from the negative and blast away.
>Takes about two minutes and that is that.
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