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I think there is an element of perceived 'magic' and a respect for the
magician involved also. Anyone can hit command P after a lot of margaritas
and expect to get the same print they would get at any other time. One can
also pick up the phone in the same condition and order a plastic chair and
the brown-shirted UPS guy will drop it off in a few days.

OTOH, if you give the average person a pile of lumber and a table saw, or
some watercolor pigments, gelatin, ammonium dichromate and some Fabriano Uno
AND a pitcher of margaritas, and then demand a mission-style chair or a
damned fine piece of art, the hill in front of them would be so daunting as
to appear impossible. The pitcher of margaritas would present a much more
tractable problem to solve.

Keep discussing all this amongst yourselves because I need some cool
insights and aphorisms to blithely toss around during a gallery talk on

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> How are/were you using that word, "appreciation", Gerry? In the fine art
> sense?
> I am thinking more towards awe or any general affinity for something, some
> more kneejerk and....uh....."authentic". <grin>
> --Marie
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