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It'll be up until the first week in April. I was asked to guest curate the
show. That sounds like something really special, but what it basically
amounted to was the equivalent of being given a 1 day free shopping spree to
find stuff that I found interesting.


The title of the show is 'The authenticity of memory', which is my
airy-fairy way of trying to say that we tend to view these handmade process
prints as a little more authentic and valid as compared to a machine made
print. Whether this is a rational or defensible reaction to viewing these
prints versus 'factory made' prints is surely debatable. But I find that
when I ask people for their visceral first reaction to prints like these,
they all respond that they seem more real somehow. Probably in the same way
that we tend to view a Stickley chair as somehow more authentic than an
injection molded plastic jobbie. They both hold your butt about 2-1/2 feet
in the air, but many people just think of the Stickley chair as something
authentic and permanent versus the transient, impermanent and disposable
plastic version. I guess ugly, easy and cheap gets trumped by beauty any








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Sounds like a great show! How long will it be up? Did you help make it
happen? If so, congratulations!

Mark Nelson
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