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Hi Jeremy and others,

I'm using these for tricolor gum:

Schmincke 220, Indian Yellow, PY 110 + PY154 or
Daniel Smith, Permanent Yellow Deep, PY 110
The second one is a little bit towards orange but has the best colouring

Cyanotype or
Schmincke 484, Phtaloblue, PB 15:1 or any other good PB15 Phtalo blue.

Schmincke 351, Ruby Red, PV 19
Magenta needs some more experimenting. I'm testing Daniel Smith Deep
Scarlet soon but I'm quite happy with Ruby Red allready.
W&N Permanent Magenta (also PV19 but much darker than Ruby Red) by and
Schmincke 351 Magenta, PV 42 by were disappointing. The first being too
dark and the second too dull rose.


Dave Rose wrote:

>I've had good results with Winsor Newton Permanent Rose 1g/10ml gum and
>BlockX Yellow 1g/50ml. Both are powdered pigments and should be available
>at an art supply store. Different brands of powder pigment and watercolor
>tube paint can vary considerably in strength and quality. You might want to
>buy a selection and experiment, to find the pigments best suited to your
>Best regards,
>Dave Rose
>Powell, Wyoming
>>Sam Wang's tri-color gum article on has inspired
>>me in collaboration with Clay Harmon's gum over work to give gum a shot.
>>Being a gum novice I'm trying to keep down the variables until I have a
>>grasp of the process and then conventions be damned :)
>>To the point: Sam's email address wasn't listed with the article, but I
>>thought I could get in touch through him here and if not then someone
>>could point me in his direction.
>>Now the question: Sam mentions Hansa Yellow as the yellow he usually
>>uses and as I know naught about watercolor pigments I wanted to know if
>>he means Light, Medium, or Deep Hansa Yellow. Also, is there a specific
>>brand he recommends or are they similar enough at the top of the
>>quality-chain for a beginner, and is there a good, general red/magenta
>>to start with?
>>Jeremy Moore
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