Re: Paging Sam Wang: Tri-Color Gum

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Date: 02/22/05-12:42:37 AM Z
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I'm sure Sam will contact you regarding your post—that's assuming his gums
haven't gotten crosslinked and he is unable to talk anymore...

Sure you don't want to tackle Jell-O-Type?

Best Wishes,

Mark Nelson
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> Sam Wang's tri-color gum article on has inspired
> me in collaboration with Clay Harmon's gum over work to give gum a shot.
> Being a gum novice I'm trying to keep down the variables until I have a
> grasp of the process and then conventions be damned :)
> To the point: Sam's email address wasn't listed with the article, but I
> thought I could get in touch through him here and if not then someone
> could point me in his direction.
> Now the question: Sam mentions Hansa Yellow as the yellow he usually
> uses and as I know naught about watercolor pigments I wanted to know if
> he means Light, Medium, or Deep Hansa Yellow. Also, is there a specific
> brand he recommends or are they similar enough at the top of the
> quality-chain for a beginner, and is there a good, general red/magenta
> to start with?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Moore
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