RE: Monitor Calibration and digital negatives

From: Dane Johnson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/21/05-10:52:34 PM Z
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Be sure to check out the book "Color Confiednce" by Tim Grey,
Sybex Pub. (Red cover) at Borders or Barns and Noble. It contains
a very good discussion on monitor calibration and discusses most
of the available monitoring programs from low cost to high end.
 The what, why, and how of calibration is very good and easy
to understand, and it also walks you throught he calibraion steps
of the various packages.

Dane Johnson

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>From: Brian Casey <>
>Date: 2/21/05 6:28:28 PM

>I am trying to work with a few of my digital images to
>produce enlarged negatives (specifically using the Pictorico
>material). However I have noticed that the proof images I generate
are generally
>between a zone to a zone and a half darker than the images on
my monitor. Due to this I'm also looking into monitor calibration
and printer profile
>packages. Though this may be somewhat off topic. (I kinda look
at this as the same sort of testing that I do with film/developer/paper)I
was wondering if anyone had had any experience with these packages?
And if so what that was.
> Brian Casey
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