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    Thanks Mark,
        This looks something I'll work with before I get involved with
profiling anyways. It should help me better understand monitor dynamics.

    Brian Casey

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Hi Brian,

My favorite is the Gretag Macbeth system, but it is a little spendy.
There are a number of systems out there-get the best one you can afford.
There are a number of reviews online you can check out.

In some cases it is not just a matter of profiling, but also the
brightness setting you use. When profiling the Mac flat screen, you can
set the brightness seperately from the profile. These monitors have a
relatively large brightness range. When I got my first one, I was having
headaches it was so brigh-then I found the adjustment knob! I set mine
at about "3" on a scale of "16". I've had a number of people using the
PDN system say that their prints seemed darker than they should be-I
usually suggest they check the brightness setting and consider lowering
it and this does the trick.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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                I am trying to work with a few of my digital images to
produce enlarged negatives (specifically using the Pictorico OHP
material). However
        I have noticed that the proof images I generate are generally
between a zone to a zone and a half darker than the images on my
monitor. Due to this I'm
        also looking into monitor calibration and printer profile
packages. Though this may be somewhat off topic. (I kinda look at this
as the same sort of testing that I
        do with film/developer/paper)
                I was wondering if anyone had had any experience with
these packages? And if so what that was.
        Brian Casey
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