RE: Monitor Calibration and digital negatives

From: Brian Casey ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/21/05-08:56:39 PM Z
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             I have been looking at the Colorvision offerings, however
it looks I should
        look at the Monaco's products also since they are working so
well for you. I looked
        at the Gretag eyeone for a moment since I haven't won the
lottery yet.
    Thanks for the advice.
    Brian Casey

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From: Don Bryant []
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Subject: RE: Monitor Calibration and digital negatives

Hi Brian,

I'm using the Monaco EZ-Color profiler package with the XRite
colorimeter for monitor calibration. This package works pretty well for
profiling and calibrating my monitor. It's pretty much WYSIWYG after
calibrating and profiling the monitor.

EZ-Color makes pretty good ink-paper profiles for color printing
although probably not quite as good as more expensive products such as
the Monaco profiler or the Gretag eyeone.

At any rate EZ-Color was an affordable solution for me.

Don Bryant
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