Re: scanning prints larger than ISO A4 size

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Date: 02/21/05-05:54:53 PM Z
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I think Jack is right about doing 4x5 digital back captures of your
prints for best quality. If that's not in the cards, you might try doing
it on a shoestring. Scan the print in sections with your flatbed
(allowing 25-30 percent overlap between scans) and let Photohsop CS do
the stitching via File>Automate>Photomerge. Currently, you're limited to
stitching 8-bit images in CS but if you have all the tones where you want
them in the prints, you probably won't be doing that much post-processing
anyway so 8 bits should be fine. Retouching for dust isn't bit depth

Good luck with your prints!


>> As a former signal processor (I think I still am, I just don't use it
>> on daily basis any more) I think someone must've automated this
>> procedure... no?
>As I sit here and think, perhaps the two halves might be knitted
>together through QuickTime VR
>which is a program to join consecutively photographed pieces to form a

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