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>>He's looking for Gertz Dagor (or one or the other if they
>>hadn't joined yet), or I think he said Helior, or some
>>classic like that to use on a 20x24 inch camera. Judy
> Did your friend find his lens? Dagor, by the way, is an
> anogram for Double Anastagmatic [by] Goerz. It's a
> design. While the lenses were made by Goerz, after time,
> the design was remanufactured at the request [read
> financed by] Doug Bush for his big camera. The camera
> failed because of the weight. In my opinion, the heavier
> the large camera, the better because they're steady; but
> there's a limit to its weight -- in a practical sense --
> due to the size and shake from breezes or even shutter
> release.
> Steve Shapiro
   I think that rigidity is more important than weight. In
fact, a light but rigid structure will be stronger and less
vibration prone than a heavy one. The sensitivity of the
camera and stand or tripod in combination to vibration is a
bit complex. Wind generated vibration adds even another

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