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I ordered a Nikon Coolscan 9000 back in August for the school where I'm
employed. It was backordered and the delivery date kept getting pushed
back so Calumet eventually recommended a Microtek Artscan model 120TF
(at least I think that was the model) last December. The Microek had
slightly better specs (slightly better dynamic range) than the Nikon but
when I set it up last month, I found it to be extremely LOUD and by the
3rd or 4th scan, it had developed an artifact. Back it went and I
reordered the Nikon. I had a previous model Nikon before and although
it had a firmware problem we were able to resolve it. It was easier to
use and much quiter.

The 35mm carrier for the Microtek was also poorly engineered. You could
not scan the entire first frame of the filmstrip.

Maybe I just got a lemon Microtek, but I would not recommend it. Even
before the artifact developed, I did not like the speed, noise, and
carriers enough to contemplate returning it. There were also some icon
software bugs running it with OS 10.2.x on a Powerbook G4.

I'm still waiting for the Nikon to arrive. Apparently it is very


>>> 02/20/05 5:28 PM >>>
I am looking to upgrade my scanner to one that is compatible with Mac
G4 ( OS 10.3.).
It should scan in 48-bit RGB mode and have adapters for 35 mm slides
and film and for 6 x 7 cm film.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Rajul
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