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Hi Sandy,

Sorry if i am send my carbon adress

Best regards of Belgium

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Hi Philippe and Nz,
Thanks for your responses. Pierre Stringa is in
fact the person I was trying to remember.
>Hello Sandy
>You may talk about Pierre Stringa who have is
>own machine and made some carbopn paper on
>paper. He also made some transfer paper (
>gelatin coated Fabriano paper)
>here is the link http://www.carbonphotoprint.com/
>He will give a workshop at the atelier Magenta
>lead by Claudiine Sudre in March
>for more information for those interested in
>Europe (not for you Sandy, you know everything
>about carbonand more ) you may look there
>best regards
>Nz Christian
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>>Subject: commercial carbon tissue
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>>At one point I had a web address for someone in
>>France who supplied carbon tissue but I seem to
>>have lost the information. Does anyone on the
>>list know if that person is still in business,
>>and if so please point me to the site.
>>Sandy King

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