RE: Cyanotype blotches

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/17/05-09:57:27 PM Z
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> My experience is only with regular or "classic" cyano, but tho that takes
> well to most paper, it doesn't really like Rives BFK.

My experience with traditional cyanotype and BFK is just the opposite of
yours, however I've preshrunk and sized the paper prior to using traditional
cyanotype. Perhaps that accounts for the difference.

> As for the blotches, I didn't understand the explanation you came up with,
> but I thought also it could be contamination (to cyanotype) on the belt.
> It's been accepted that the Ware formula is goosier contamination-wise
> than the old, which may compound such problems.

The blotches with the Ware formula are caused in my experience by using too
much sensitizer. Heat drying my exacerbate the effect.

Don Bryant
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