WOCA 120G?

From: Isabella M. Trauttmansdorff ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/17/05-02:52:20 PM Z
Message-id: <200502172052.j1HKqKX26506@viper.oldcity.dca.net>

THat last question about the Arista lith film reminded me of something
else... when I was recently looking through the Freestyle catalogue, I
came across a certain plastic medium format camera called the "WOCA
120G". It looked exactly like our friend the Holga but has a glass
lens. (ANd is therefore $4 more expensive! Must be quality!) Has anyone
used one of these? Any interesting results? Is it really any different
than the Holga?

just curious... trying to decide if the investment is worth it...

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