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Date: 02/15/05-10:04:52 AM Z
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"Don Bryant" <> wrote:
>> I just stumbled across this gum bichromate work by Cy Decosse when
>> surfing the web this morning and was very impressed. However, I've
>> never heard of the artist before. Anyone on list know anything about
>> him or in contact with him?
> There was a bit of noise about DeCosse 2 or 3 years ago after he had an
> exhibit of botanicals printed in plt/pld. I believe he even visited Dick
> Sullivan and Melody Bostick at their home in Santa Fe showing the
> portfolio.
> I don't recall who the plt/pld printer may have been, but this URL
> suggests
> that he was the printer - . I
> believe at that time his botanicals were debuted by the John Stevenson
> gallery.
>> The gallery blurb also mentions something
>> about "his studio artisan and master printer, Keith Taylor," another
>> person I've never heard of. Anyone know of his history or work?
> Here is Taylor's web site URL:

I believe I've met Keith a time or two. One time I remember he was showing
his own photographs at a local gallery and was introduced as DeCosse's
platinum printer. Keith's work was very good and he was amassing a very high
quality body of work. DeCosse has much higher name recognition, though.

Pete (in St. Paul)
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