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  Subject: Brush for Liquid Emulsion

  I have been using sponge brushes to apply Silverprint liquid emulsion to
paper. I would like to use a "better" brush and would appreciate any
suggestions. Awhile back, someone suggested the Richeson "magic" brush from
Jerry's Artarama, but they seem no longer to carry it and I haven't been
able to find it elseqhere.

  Two concerns I have are: first, the shedding of hairs from "real" brushes
(which I may not see under the safelight and discover too late...this
happened to me with inexpensive Hake brushes from Utrechts) and second, the
problem of adequately cleaning brushes so that they don't stain upon future
applications (I have currently been disposing of the foam brushes after
every coating session).

  Thanks very much for any guidance.

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