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From: Ron Klein ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/14/05-01:11:52 PM Z
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I just completed my first cyanotypes and Van Dyke prints.All went rather
well except that the images lacked the detail I would have expected from the
4x5 negatives I used.(They printed well on silver gelatin.) The Van Dyke
prints had white specks on the surface which looked to me to be paper fibers
that were not coated by sensitizer. Similar with the cyanotypes but not as
severe. I assume that the problem is related to the paper I used. I belive
it was a cranes paper from Bostick and Sullivan. Any thoughts would be
  I used my recently built UV box containing 8 20 watt BL tubes. Printing
times ran from 20-30 minutes.
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