Re: "blacklight" tubes and light sources in general

From: Iain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/14/05-12:04:03 PM Z
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Thanks to all for your various responses. In my haste I did forget to
mention which processes I am interested in. To begin with I am doing
cyantotypes as I feel this has fewer variables than some other processes.
Once I feel I have this under some sort of control I expect to also start
gum soon after.

I think I will pursue the fluorescent tube approach, in part because I
think it will prove more convenient to have my source enclosed in a
smallish box. That said I have another question:

Is more UV generally better? I have found a source for 40w tubes of the
same size as the 20w I have been considering. Apart from more heat is there
any reason not to prefer these?

Thanks again

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