Re: "blacklight" tubes and light sources in general

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Date: 02/13/05-09:38:33 PM Z
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You don't say for which process(es) you intend to use the UV source.
IME, UV fluorescents basically suck as an exposure source for gum
bichromate but are fine for other processes. I would recomend a quartz
halogen, metal halide, or photoflood for printing gum.

In my homemade UV fluorescent unit, the 8 tubes are spaced about 2
inches from center to center and are positioned approximately 4 inches
above the surface of the contact frame.


>>> 02/13/05 7:30 PM >>>
Hi list, a newbie question about light sources:

I am thinking about artificial light sources as sunshine is in short
here in London most of the time, and especially this time of year!

The obvious solution seems to be a UV lightbox which got me thinking
the most suitable tubes to use. My local DIY outlet sells 2ft 18watt
"blacklight" UV tubes at a more-or-less affordable price. Would these be
good choice? My printing frame is about 11.5" x 15" so how many tubes
should I use?

Any other suggestions or info would, naturally, be most welcome.


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