Re: advise on 6 to 8 megapixels digital cameras.

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>I have an old Nikon Coolpix
>995, and I read a good review for the Nikon Coolpix
>8700. I can also consider a six or seven mega pixel
>camera if they are better than the eight .

If you want fast, film/slr-type handling, don't consider a small prosumer
camera; get the Canon 20D or Nikon D70 or similar. On the other hand, the
smaller cameras are much fun and, speaking personally, I love composing
the image on the LCD, something you can't do with a digital SLR. And the
models with the flip-out-and-rotate LCDs are the bomb. has comprehensive reviews of nearly all digital cameras.

Another great place to do some homework is at the following:


Click on "Find the Camera that's Best for You" (in the column on the left
of the page) and do the interview. It narrows down the choices in a
logical way.

On that same page, click on "Compare Models" (also on the left) and see
how any cameras you're considering stack up.

I have a Coolpix 8400 on loan from Nikon at the moment. If you're a
wide-angle freak (like me) the 24mm lens is really nice. The camera is
solid and has good image quality but it is a bit sluggish when shooting
raws. If you favor the long end of optics, the 8800 (replacement for the
8700) might make you happy. Try to get a model with image stabilization
(like the 8800) if you go with long zooms.

Note: there are other good prosumer cameras but I sorta favor the Zen of
Nikon models.

And, I just upgraded my tiny pocket camera from the Pentax Optio S to the
S5i. I can't say enough about how terrific it is to have such a fun 4.5
oz. camera in my shirt pocket all the time!

Hope this helps!


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