Re: My first attempt - digital negatives.

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Date: 02/11/05-09:14:41 AM Z
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Ehud Yaniv wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been trying to make digital negatives for silver printing,
> while I am learning photography and until I can move to alt-processes.
> I have been using Pictorico High Gloss White and the Dan Burkholder
> Inkjet Companion template with an Epson 1280 printer and stock inks.
> So far I have made 4 negatives and yesterday I got to try to print
> one during my basic darkroom class.
> I have not yet made a final print due to the end of class but I was
> up to 5 minutes and 20 seconds with 70 magenta in the colour head of
> the enlarger at f4 and 50 mm lens. The enlarger height was set to 70
> and the light was focussed through an empty 35 mm film holder.
> My question, is this length of time unusual? I think I still need to
> add about 20 % more time to get some separation between the 0 and 5 %
> on the included step wedge.
> Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted as I have limited
> darkroom time as I still need to do assignments to complete the
> course.
> Ehud
> PS: Yesterday I learned to dodge and burn for the first time. It was
> actually quite wonderful to make some fine changes to a photograph.
> That is to say, to have some - limited, control. I still felt like I
> was all thumbs.
> __________
> Ehud Yaniv
> Still Light Photography

Ehud, your print times will go down but will you see any difference in
quality by switching to OHP? Probably not, since base + fog is what is
changing. If printing faster is absolutely neccessary then go ahead and
switch. If you can open up a stop or two try that, or switch to a higher
watt bulb. e.g. go to a 150 or 225 watt enlarger bulb.
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