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Date: 02/10/05-08:15:18 PM Z
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Yes you are correct a lot of these sockets also have a "centre" pin configuration. The ones I saw didn't. I've been pursuing some on line lighting sites which sell the parts. Nice suggestion about epoxy. Probably wouldn't have to ever remove them socket anyhow. Home Depot charges five times what these pieces are worth BTW.
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  From: Schuyler Grace
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  Is there not a small metal plate with a machine thread hole in it? If you hold the socket up so it makes an "L" shape, the plate will be at the bottom of the "L," and it will have one hole in it. Most of the sockets I've seen can be both snapped in and screwed. If the plate isn't there, you could always drill a hole through the plastic bottom plate of the socket and run a screw through that new hole. If you don't want to go through that, check at Home Depot or Lowe's or whatever home store is near you for the screw type sockets or just epoxy what you have in place.


  I hope that helps.





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  As in 'Why screw them in if you don't have to?'
  I just took apart an older model fluorescent light which did have screw-in type bi-pin sockets, but if they're making snap-in parts now, what's the diff? (Assuming they meet UBC (Universal Building Code) spec - which they would almost certainly have to do.


  Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

I'm almost ready to start building my UV light box based of the "Ubldit"plans. My local lighting supplier only had low clearance "snap in" bi-pinlamp sockets. The lamp sockets were designed to be snapped/slid into anexisting metal housing. I want to screw them onto my platform. What to do?Do I drill through the snap in socket? I'm currently looking for a lampsocket which has holes. How to I attach these lights? help!
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