Re: Bi-Pin Lamp Sockets? --> UV Light Source Project

From: Barry Kleider ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/10/05-06:07:12 PM Z
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As in 'Why screw them in if you don't have to?'
I just took apart an older model fluorescent light which did have
screw-in type bi-pin sockets, but if they're making snap-in parts now,
what's the diff? (Assuming they meet UBC (Universal Building Code) spec
- which they would almost certainly have to do.


Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

>I'm almost ready to start building my UV light box based of the "Ubldit"
>plans. My local lighting supplier only had low clearance "snap in" bi-pin
>lamp sockets. The lamp sockets were designed to be snapped/slid into an
>existing metal housing. I want to screw them onto my platform. What to do?
>Do I drill through the snap in socket? I'm currently looking for a lamp
>socket which has holes. How to I attach these lights? help!
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