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From: Jan Kapoor ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/09/05-01:07:42 PM Z
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Hi Katharine--

What type of camera is it? If it uses large (4x5 and up) sheet film
and/or photo paper, this might help:

I usually do a bright sun test with a new camera (especially effective
with a larger camera that uses paper or sheet film). Put film or paper
in it, take it outside when the sun is out nice and bright, and leave it
there with the aperture(s) closed for 5-10 minutes. Then develop the
film/paper and see where the streaks of light appear.

Hope this helps--


>Katharine wrote:
>>Now, if someone could help me figure out where the light leak in my new
>>pinhole camera is coming from, which has been making me tear my hair out
>>for two days, I'd be in business.

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