Re: glyoxal speckling?: How do you know it's hard?

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Date: 02/07/05-02:38:16 AM Z
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This morning I printed the two glyoxal papers I had coated (other than
the four that I'm saving to check yellowing later) and then I realized
that you're talking about speckling after a couple of coats, so my
information probably won't be terribly useful to the question of
speckling, since I'm only going to do this one printing for science this
particular time.

But for whatever it's worth, I printed gum on two pieces of 1%
glyoxal-gelatin-coated paper: Fabriano Artistico Extra-White and 90#
Arches Aquarelle, the old Arches Aquarelle from several years ago.

Both coated well and seemed to develop normally, no running or flaking
in development. There was no visible speckling either. But the gum on
the Fabriano ran during drying; the gum and pigment in the shadows ran
into the highlight areas and made ugly dark puddles that dried that way,
ruining the picture. This was at an exposure that normally works
perfectly on this paper for the negative I was using, a test negative
that I have used hundreds of times. And it seems odd that if it were
underexposed, it didn't just run off in the water instead of waiting
until it was drying to run.

On the other hand, the same glyoxal-hardened gelatin on the Arches
printed perfectly, developed and dried perfectly, no running or puddling
or speckling.
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