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It is my experience conferences tends to get in the way of a good
time. ;-}

That said, a long and lazy lunch is a dream come true if people want
to get together and still hear the evening speakers. If the evening
speakers are not your cup o' tea, then a good romp around town is in
order. I suspect we'll never get everybody together for a single
event, so multiple connections might be the best solution.


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Hi Katharine and all you Portland goers,
The reason I suggested the evening meeting is that our lunch breaks
are only
1 hr 15 min long, 11:45-1:00, and a Friday lunch at that time could be

bedlam in the city trying to get a table whereas an early bird
cocktail hour
at 5 seems maybe the lesser of the two evils.
Hey, I am all for meeting two times--friday lunch, too, if you are up
it. WIth all the time you've spent scouting out places, you should at
be able to participate!

> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> How about this: on thursday there is a dinner break from 5-7 PM.
Katharine wrote>
> I guess that lets me out. Well, have a good time everyone!

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