Re: Autoclaving gum and gelatin

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/06/05-07:43:38 AM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:

>Tracing the print history back, there was (in the case of speckles)
>just about every time, the finding that they had developed the print
>by hosing with scalding water or overheated the gelatin in melting
>it, or some other excess application of heat.

You are throwing a lot of possibilities in the mix. Before jumping to
conclusions as to the cause I would recommend that you test it
yourself. Without knowing how hot the students allowed the gelatin to
get, or how long they held it at that temperature, conclusions as to
the cause of speckles seem pretty speculative to me.

>Sandy -- don't extrapolate from carbon printing. The gelatin
>function is NOT the same.

Well, I have done some gum printing also and it does appear to me
that the function, which appears to be the ability of the gelatin to
change states is indeed the primary function for gum as well as
carbon. I could be wrong about this of course, but for the time being
I am going to continue to believe I am right.

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