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Date: 02/05/05-11:54:32 AM Z
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Portland resident Mark Kronquist here how can I help?
> Hi all,
> I am excited that there are about 8 or so of us interested in meeting in
> Portland! Those of you too timid to respond to the first query about SPE,
> you have a month to think about it.
> How about this: on thursday there is a dinner break from 5-7 PM. Charles
> Ryberg, here is the map URL of where the conference hotel is:
> Any chance we could all meet by 5 in the lobby of the Executive Towers in
> that hotel (that's where I will be staying, so you can call my room in case
> of snafus) and then, Charles, is there a good cheap beer/wine//food
> restaurant closeby we could go to?
> I'm thinking dinner would be best that first day because two of you are
> booked with either talks/portfolio reviews in the morning. Plus it would be
> nice to meet at the beginning of the conference. And the keynote speaker is
> at 7 that night to cut us short and sweet.
> Katharine, where are your two shows, and will they be concurrent with the
> conference? Any chance the galleries are close by so we can visit?
> I will have a digital camera in hand so we can share any antics with the
> list who won't be with us :) Mark Nelson, no moons, please.
> Chris
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