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Date: 02/04/05-09:31:52 PM Z
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This thread may be conflating two issues of "adhesion." Apparently
there's little problem of gelatin adhering to the glass. But as I
understand the operation, gum emulsion adhering to gelatin on glass would
be something else.

Gum emulsion on a gelatin sized paper still reaches into the paper fibers
to adhere. However, if you compare a 21-step test on double sized paper
with one on single-sized paper, you'll see that the highlights (with more
gelatin) tend to be clipped. I assume a gum print on gelatin on glass
would be an even more difficult operation.

Still, I found that halftone (screen or dot) negatives print very
differently than continuous tone... I suppose they would work on glass
(dot is either on or off, no delicate highlights). But, does anyone print
*continuous tone* negs on glass in gum?

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