Re: alkaline fixer TF-3

From: Jack Fulton ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/04/05-11:13:37 AM Z
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I see that Michael Healy kindly provided the formula. It is sort of
stinky and some have worried a bit about softer emulsions.

ONLY for comparative purposes I'll include another formula used when
one gets into dye coupling. It contains formaldehyde and for that
reason alone I do not recommend using it. It is also difficult to
obtain outside of its hazardous nature. I provide the formula more to
imply that AFAIK alkaline fixes allow for a softer emulsion. The
formaldehyde hardens the emulsion.


Water 1000 mls
Sodium Sulfite 40 grams
Sodium Thiosulfate 240 grams
Formaldehyde 100 mls

As in some b/w processes/prints a strong fix such as Rapid (ammonium
thiosulfate) can/will deteriorate/reduce subtle shadow details where
the deposit of silver is thin. The reason an alkaline bath is used in
dye coupling is that some dyes may be decolorized through use of an
acid fix.

Jack Fulton
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