Re: glyoxal yellowing now: How do you know it's hard?

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Subject: was: glyoxal yellowing now: How do you know it's hard?

> The whole gelatin hardening debate makes me wonder if there is any real
> easy
> way to tell if it(the gelatin) is hardened enough. Is it an on/off thing,
> where it is either hardened or not, or are there degrees of hardness? My
> question is asked because the amount of hardening agent should ideally be
> just the minimum needed to cause the gelatin to harden enough to keep
> highlights nice and clean.
> On another note, can someone point me toward a source for glut? I seem to
> recall this being mentioned on the list about 6 or so months ago, but I
> can't find it, and I'm feeling lazy.
> Thanks,
> Clay
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