Re: glyoxal yellowing

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Date: 02/03/05-05:02:57 PM Z
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> But when glut is directly added to the sizing solution, the optimal
> amount of glut depends strongly on the kind of gelatin and the
> concentration of the gelatin. The figure (6ml) is what I used for
> gelatin emulsion with high gelatin concentration at that time, and so
> it's probably at a very end with 3% food gelatin. You can add more if
> greater hardening is desired. (Just test the ratio in a small batch
> ahead of time because adding too much glut will ruin the whole batch
> of sizing solution and you can't reverse it by adding more gelatin and
> water.)
I've sized many a 16x20 sheet of paper with this dilution and it works just
fine with Knox. I even tried the 3 ml and it worked fine, too, but prefer
the 6ml to 1000. But I am not gonna say that 6ml/1000 is gospel, just in
practice it works perfectly for me with just the normal food grade gelatin.
It'd be interesting to test it at the opposite extreme (lots more) and see
what effect it has.
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