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Date: 02/03/05-02:27:16 PM Z
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Subject: RE: Gum print formaline
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 08:36:26 +1300

> When I find a paper that doesn't allow printing several layers without
> some staining, or for some other reason needs to be sized (such as
> Fabriano Uno which printed with an attenuated DMax without sizing) then
> I do size it, but my favorite size is gelatin mixed with gesso, which
> gives a lovely smooth surface and you can even do it indoors.

When someone brought up gesso last time I tried it, but it was too
gritty and I didn't like it.

What I use instead is Roam and Haas Rhoplex AC-35 (methacrylate and
poly(vinyl alcohol-co-vinyl acetate) made as a plain medium for
acrylic paints). It makes the sizing layer more durable but too much
of this in relation to gelatin would make even brush coating of the
emulsion much more difficult. (Coating rods, etc. should be fine.) But
when used in a small quantity it works very nicely with all methods of

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