Re: glyoxal yellowing

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Date: 02/03/05-09:10:53 AM Z
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> Kees, the Maco hardener---very interesting! Is the percentage of glut in
> it really 2.5-5%? If so, then 50 ml of this is a lot more than my 6 ml.
> per liter of gelatin. BUT, if this is truly a 2.5-5% glut, then a
> consumer would be able to buy glut over the counter in small quantities
> and that is a great thing! Also, any dire warnings on the back of the
> bottle? Maybe I'll just have to buy some...this would totally solve my
> problem of how to harden gum in a classroom situation.
> Chris
WHOOPS--talk about typos--I mean "how to harden gelatin". And one more
thing, surface is still gritty with glyoxal and the lower 15 ml dilution
bath, I forgot to add that point, but MAYBE Katharine is onto something that
the amount of glyoxal, 15 or 25 ml, produces crystalline hardening...perhaps
even less would produce less grit, or perhaps it always crystallizes gelatin
no matter what amount.

All this talk almost makes me want to size another batch with
glyoxal....never mind....
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