RE: glyoxal yellowing

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Date: 02/03/05-08:01:23 AM Z
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> Conclusion stays unchanged: unrinsed glyoxal hardening yellows paper,
> rinsed glyoxal hardening gives no visible yellowing on the surface but
> slicht yellowing at the edges. All other hardening does not yellow paper.

That matches my experience, rinsing after hardening avoids yellowing.

I am wondering if adding baking soda (as recommended by Christopher James)
causes the gritty surface I've encountered?

And for the record I reduced his recommended glyoxal concentration by half.
Chris Andersons gluteralhyde <sp?> sized paper is soft and not stiff at all
- and her prints are wonderful. I think she has her own secret sauce (this
wouldn't surprise me since I know she is a pretty good cook; she can cook
dinner for her fellow grad students and gum print at the same time.)

Don Bryant

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