Photography and Printmaking in Italy - May 2006

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Hi All,

Just a quick plug for this workshop being held in Italy in May by our
friend David Hoptman, along with Monotype artist Ron Pokrasso.

David Hoptman and Don Messec gave an excellent lecture and demonstration
of Polymer Photogravure they've developed at APIS several years back.
David uses a finer 'aquatint' screen than what is generally recommended
in order to achieve a greater tonal range. David will be sharing his
secrets and providing hands-on help to avoid pitfalls associated with
this more refined and challenging method of polymer plate printmaking.
He'll also be leading photography field trips in and around Florence,
several weeks before all the tourists arrive!

The photography portion of the workshop seems more relevant to this
group, but there is another workshop going on concurrently led by Ron
Pokrasso which is more about free-form monotypes. Both sections of the
workshop will make use of ImageOn(TM) and Polymer (Solar) Plates.

Please see the following link for more information and have a great
holiday season!
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